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Mark’s in Your Bath being a bath-resurfacing service provider has been rendering its quality service since 2009. We play a pivotal role in the bath-resurfacing service in expounding a unique definition for Renovation where it no longer means removing articles, reducing a great expense and huge disruption rather. This in return means there is a convenient way to achieve an attractive bathroom layout.

Bathroom Resurfacing is now a worldwide-accepted method of exhilarating the appearance of a baths, basins, showers and walls in a bathroom, with very significant advantages over traditional methods.

Mark Savill is the founder of Mark’s in your Bath. He has been in the Spray Painting industry since 1985. He studied a four-year City and Guilds apprenticeship in traditional & modern finishing with the City of London University. He moved to Australia in 2002. During this time he has worked with several resurfacing companies in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Ipswich areas until 2009. In the same year he decided to take up his own resurfacing company so, he accredited to the Worldwide Refinishing License for the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich areas.

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