Bath Resurfacing

Over time, your bath will accumulate certain flaws which can detract from the overall look and appeal of the entire room. At Mark’s in Your Bath, we can give you a cost-effective make-over to replace your dull old bath and we can resurface your bath within four to five hours and it can be used within 24 hours.

What Baths can we Resurface?

  • Most types of fibreglass baths and tubs
  • All types of ceramic baths and tubs
  • Most types of fiberglass shower stalls
  • All types of ceramic shower stalls

Why Should You Resurface Your Bath?

Everyone loves to have a nice hot soak in the tub after a long and tiresome work week. However, it’s not nearly as enjoyable or fun when your bath is old, stained, chipped or when you simply no longer enjoy its appearance as you once did. Whether your bathtub has seen better days and is a little worse for wear or you just want to update its look, Mark’s in Your Bath provides a top-tier service in bathtub resurfacing. Instead of replacing your bathtub outright with a new one, we can completely redo the look you have now.

Chipped bathroom tile is a common problem; even if it does not have any sharp edges, fixing this issue is important. Not only does it keep your bathroom looking clean and new, but tile chips can allow gaps for mould or bacteria to grow in your bathroom.

With Mark’s in Your Bath doing your bathtub resurfacing at your home, you will receive excellent customer service every step of the way. We are mobile and ready to travel to you to get the job done. The result is gleaming perfection you can love as you would a brand new bath. Our service comes complete with a five-year guarantee on all resurfacing work. Beyond that, with proper care, your new surface should last for ten years and beyond.

What You Need to Know

  • Baths resurfacing can take 4-5 hours
  • Ready to be used 24 hours after the job is done
  • Resurfacing removes those pesky stains
  • We are mobile and travel to you

Our Guarantee

We take our responsibility for ensuring company-standards very strongly and offer a five-year-guarantee on our bath-resurfacing-service. You can enjoy your redone bath with the certainty of knowing you can count on us.

Mark’s in Your Bath is staffed by qualified and hardworking people. Delivering the best results on the first visit is our goal every time. Creating amazing looking baths is our passion, and enabling you to enjoy your space is what we do best. To receive a quote on service today, call us at your leisure on 0432 280 583 or fill in our form to get a free quote.