Bathroom Renovations

What to do Before You Get Your Bathroom Refurbished

  • Clean the entire bathroom of any belongings. This includes shampoo bottles, towels, bath mats, and shower racks – make sure the bathroom is empty.
  • Consider your shower-screen. At Mark’s in Your Bath we can remove old shower-screens for you but a professional will be needed to install a new screen
  • Are you getting paintwork done? This is definitely something to consider as bathroom renovations can cause damage to fresh paintwork, remember to book the painter after the bathroom is resurfaced!
  • Remember that your bathroom will be out-of-action. A full bathroom resurfacing (Walls, floor, bath/shower tray and vanity unit) takes five days and the bathroom can be used again 24hours late. Remember to factor this in.

Why Should You Get Your Bathroom Resurfaced?

After a free consultation with Mark’s in Your Bath, you will be convinced that a bathroom resurfacing in your home is the way to go. The floor tiles, wall tiles, sink, and tub look worn and have lost the lustre they had when you moved in to the home years ago. You thought about replacing them all but then realised that resurfacing will cost a whole lot less and leave your bathroom looking fresh and new. Mark’s in Your Bath has been providing the Brisbane area with quality bathroom resurfacing since 2008 providing homeowners with an alternative to restoring one of the most used rooms in their homes.

What Service Do We Provide?

  • We can do resurfacing on any type of bathroom benches, counter-tops, vanities, and sinks
  • Tile resurfacing for your bathroom
  • Bath and shower resurfacing
  • We can colour match to suit the colour of almost any fixture
  • Mark’s in Your Bath can remove silicon as well as the existing old-fittings & fixtures

Our Guarantee

Our resurfacing service incorporates the highest levels of quality-control to ensure a minimum ten year life span and a five-year warrantee so that you will be truly satisfied with your refurbished bathroom.

To take advantage of the quality service of Mark’s in Your Bath, call now for a free quote on 0432 280 583 or fill in our Contact Form.