Consider a Bathroom Facelift

You have noticed your bathroom needs freshening up, it’s in need of help to look and feel inviting again. A bathroom is made up of surfaces that are constantly exposed to water, heat, steam, and cleaning products that add to the wearing out process. It is common that the surfaces become porous over time, or you may simply desire a change in the colours and patterns of the bath, shower tray, and tiles. It’s important for you to know that you can achieve the look you want without the high costs of a new bathroom installation. We are able to talk you through the process of bathroom restoration, and you can contact us for further information.

Why choose a bathroom restoration?

Many people find bathroom and bathtub restoration over renovation to be ideal for their needs, and we think so too. Here’s why…

Some may not realise that bathrooms can easily be restored and updated with some simple resurfacing. Well, they can! First, we remove the original taps and fittings. Then, the tile glaze, dirt and contaminants are stripped back, leaving the surface open and ready for its new finish.

We use the highest quality of products to ensure that your bathroom can withstand the heaviest usage. Our five-year guarantee on our bath resurfacing service will give you peace of mind over the quality of our removal of stubborn bathtub stains. For a long-lasting finish on your bathroom, it depends highly on the use of quality products. We use specially designed products to bring you the luxury of choice of colour and reassurance of quality. You can choose any shade or tint for the resurfacing and we are able to guide you through these decisions also.

We use a premium fusion base coat to permeate the raw porcelain, forming a hardy, permanently bonded base for the enamel finish. Then, the enamel is applied, producing a highly glazed, hard-wearing surface. This results in a fresh, desirable and clean look, ideal for baths, basins, and wall tiles. We seal grout lines to eliminate mould, and making cleaning a breeze and more resistant to mould issues. Our products are specially developed for use in bathroom restoration exclusively, allowing us to bring you a new bathroom at a fraction of the cost of expensive renovations.

With the addition of a new coating over the wall tiles, bath, basin and shower tray, your bathroom will be lifted and effectively look like new again. When considering if you need a new full bathroom renovation versus a quality resurfacing, use these points as a guide to assist your understanding. Resurfacing and bathtub stain removals are exceptionally more affordable than removing the whole bathroom and beginning again. If the plumbing is satisfactory, then a simple bathroom restoration is much faster, cheaper, and more tenant-friendly than the disruption of renovation, which can take weeks. We have your satisfaction in mind in our work and endeavour to assist you in creating your ideal bathroom.

It makes sense to resurface your bathroom, complete our contact form or give us a call on 0432 280 583.