How to Handle Bath Chip Repairs in Your Brisbane Southside Home

The simple solution to bath chip repairs in your Brisbane Southside home is to call Mark’s in Your Bath – Bathroom Resurfacing. Since 2008, we have been providing area homeowners and business owners with an alternative to the major reconstruction of …read more .

For Reliable and Top Quality Bathtub Resurfacing in Brisbane, Trust Mark’s in Your Bath

Everyone loves to have a nice hot soak in the tub after a long and tiresome work week. However, it’s not nearly as enjoyable or fun when your bath is old, stained, or when you simply no longer enjoy its appearance as you once did. Whether your bathtub has …read more .

Solve Your Bathroom Problems with Tile Reglazing in Brisbane Southside

The home that you moved into was built in the 1970s. There have been no updates and the bathroom still has the original pink and orange tiles. You would love to make a change but renovating a bathroom can be very costly. Bathrooms are one of the most expensive …read more .

Why Choose Tile Resurfacing in Brisbane Over a Bathroom Renovation

Did you know you can save thousands of dollars by not having your bathroom renovated? Tile resurfacing in Brisbane by Mark’s in Your Bath will leave you with a brand new looking bathroom at a fraction of the cost. Instead of tearing out and replacing …read more .

Mark’s in Your Bath Provides Effective Chip Repairs for Brisbane Home Owners

Take a moment to picture this scenario which is not exactly uncommon: it’s early in the morning and you’re in the bathroom getting ready for work. In your sleepy haze, you accidentally knock something onto the floor. As it hits, it chips your tile and …read more .

Bath Resurfacing in Your Brisbane Southside Home Is Not a Do-It-Yourself Project

Fifteen years in the same house left your master bathroom looking dreary and shabby. Gone is the shine – replaced by cracks and stains. Instead of renovating the bathroom, you decided that you would refinish the surfaces and give them a fresh new look. …read more .

Save Money On a Renovation with Bath Resurfacing in Brisbane from Mark’s in Your Bath

When you first move into a home, it’s easy to slip into the “honeymoon period” where you simply love everything about the property. Over time, though, some of those features that seemed incredible when you first arrived turn out to be anything but a good …read more .

Skip the Renovation – Choose Bathroom Resurfacing in Brisbane Southside by Mark’s in Your Bath

After a free consultation with Mark’s in Your Bath, you will be convinced that a bathroom resurfacing in your Brisbane Southside home is the way to go. The floor tiles, wall tiles, sink, and tub look worn and have lost the lustre they had when you …read more .

Achieve a New and Modern Look for Your Brisbane Bathroom with Resurfacing from Mark’s in Your Bath

Have you recently begun the massive undertaking that is renovating your home? Whether you are working hard to give yourself a brand new kitchen or a new family living space, it’s an exciting time. Transforming your home from something old to something new …read more .

With Free Quotes and Reliable Service from Brisbane Bath Resurfacing Provider Mark’s in Your Bath, You can Fix Your Old Bath up Today

When you live in one place for an extended period, it is easy to begin to overlook the flaws and problems present in your home. After all, most things are not necessarily easy fixes. It’s easy to say “I’ll fix that later.” Then it turns out that “later” is …read more .

Preparing to Sell Your Home? Turn to the Floor Tile Reglazing Service Brisbane Can Trust

When the time arrives to begin the process of putting your home on the market and trying to sell it, there are suddenly many things to consider. How will you get the most value out of your home, and what can you do to improve your chances of selling …read more .

Redecorating the House? Call Mark’s in Your Bath to Overhaul the Bathroom with Floor Tile Resurfacing in Brisbane Southside

No one wants to live with the same decorations and colours forever. Change is one of the best things in life, whether it’s the shifting of the seasons or moving up in your career. Altering the look of your home as your personality, desires, and tastes …read more .

Don’t Believe the Hype – Floor Tile Resurfacing in Brisbane Can Restore Your Bathroom

There are several misconceptions surrounding floor tile resurfacing in Brisbane. Mark’s in Your Bath – Bathroom Resurfacing can help you understand just how bathroom refinishing can benefit you and your home. The most often misunderstood factor of bathroom …read more .

When Your Bath No Longer Looks Pleasing, Call for Tile Reglazing — Brisbane Residents Have an Ally in Mark’s in Your Bath

Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom sees some of the most intense use throughout its lifetime. It must deal with moisture, lots of foot traffic, and be able to endure a whole lot for years. Over time, the tiles in your bathroom can permanently …read more .

Frequently Asked Questions about Tile Resurfacing in Brisbane Southside

As one of the Brisbane area’s premier resurfacing companies, Mark’s in Your Bath is often asked a variety of questions about the services they provide. Since 2008, we have given homeowners in the area an alternative to costly renovations of their kitchens …read more .

Why Renovate? How Bathtub Reglazing Saves Brisbane Homeowners Cash

When you’re ready to move on from your current home, a lot of work must go into preparing your house for sale. Sometimes, that means going beyond fresh paint and planting flowers. Perhaps you want to modify the home to have more appeal to buyers …read more.

Why Should Brisbane Businesses Consider Commercial Bathroom Resurfacing?

The bathroom is among the most highly trafficked places within a business. Whether it’s in an office building or a retail store, it’s a crucial space to keep clean and looking tidy. Anything else could have an undesirable impact on employee morale or …read more.

When Should You Think About Resurfacing the Bathtub in Your Brisbane Home?

Maintaining your home can be a lot of work. Sometimes, it can feel as if there’s always something else waiting for you to finish. Taking on “do it yourself” projects around the house can be a fun and rewarding way to both learn new skills and improve …read more.

What is Tile Reglazing? How Resurfacing and Refinishing Transforms Your Brisbane Bathroom

When you hear others describe their bathrooms as an “oasis” or a “private getaway,” do you wonder how that’s possible? In most homes, bathrooms can develop a variety of issues over time. These problems can range from old, discoloured silicone sealant to …read more.

Revive an Old Tub in Brisbane With Reglazing, Refinishing, & Resurfacing by Mark’s In Your Bath

After a long day of work, nothing feels quite so pleasantly relaxing as slipping into a hot bath. You might even want to turn down the lights or read a book while you relax. As the hot water soothes your muscles, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of …read more.